FIWARE AgriGateways

Open-source API for IoT data gathering in Agriculture

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Smart AgriGateway services

Hardware integrations

Data collection

Data visualization

API services

FIWARE AgriGateways

Agrigateway is a suite of open source cloud applications based on FIWARE agrifood technologies. Designed for farmers, agronomists and agricultural consortia, it ensures interoperability between a wide range of agritech hardware solutions, available on the market and provided by different vendors.
It is made up of two modules, an Agri Contractor Gateway that allows integration with agricultural machinery, by collecting and visualizing farm machinery data, and the Agri Weather Gateway that allows visualization of data from weather stations belonging to various providers.
The technology developed offers a suite of APIs able to integrate external applications, while maximizing applications’ portability.

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  • Provide producers with a standardized interface that can be used by AG platforms and other AG-related products.
  • Provide a stand-alone platform which helps to visualize data from different sensors/machinery.
  • Provide a product that can be used by governments (local and central) and contractors to connect many different sensors/machinery and to provide access to farmers.
  • Provide a product that can operate independently or can be interconnected with other platforms.

Agri Weather Gateway

Agri Weather Gateway is a module designed to integrate weather stations from a wide variety of meteo stations. It allows aggregation and visualization of weather data for farmers and cooperatives that need to do more in-depth analysis. Agri Weather Gateway also offers API services for data reuse.

Agri Contractors Gateway

Agri Contractor Gateway enables the collection and display of data from agricultural machinery via CANBUS and ISOBUS technology. The solution enables data collection from various agricultural machinery in order to improve vendor machine management and machine handling.

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Main Web Application

  • Sensor management
  • Stations charts and data visualization
  • Technologies visualization


  • Historical data
  • Nearest data geo-search
  • Weather data updates
  • Agricultural machinery movement data updates

Cloud Services

  • Single sign-on
  • Data analysis
  • Aggregated data visualization
  • Field data visualization
  • User management


Using FIWARE Context Broker, Agrigateway is a rich suite of complementary open source FIWARE Generic Enablers, which supports the following operations:

  • Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems, for capturing updates on context information and translating required actuations.
  • Context Data/API management, publication, and monetization, bringing support to usage control and the opportunity to publish and monetize part of managed context data.
  • Processing, analysis, and visualization of context information implementing the expected smart behavior of applications and/or assisting end users in making smart decisions.
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